Why Are Flea Bits So Itchy?

Those tiny little insects known for infesting animals are called fleas. Once your pets have been infected, you can get affected too. Even though no direct contact with you and your pet exist, fleas can get to you because they can easily jump from one place to another. Fleas bite people around the arms and lower parts of the legs. The bites from fleas are characterized by clusters of small reddish bumps that can swell if scratched. If you have been bitten, you must treat flea bites immediately because it can cause serious allergies and infections in humans.

Flea Saliva

The saliva of fleas is the chief cause why flea bites itch. Their saliva acts as a numbing agent that they inject into the host’s skin to avoid being spotted while sucking blood. Moreover, their saliva contains bacteria and germs that can lead to infectious diseases on the person or animal bitten. Scratching flea bites is the first thing people should avoid because human fingernails also carry bacteria that can lead to infection of the bite.

Flea Bite Treatment

Before anything else, you should remember that resisting the itch is the first thing to do. No matter how itchy it may become, do not scratch the bite. The treatments for flea bites are actually simple and not expensive. Such treatments can be done by just applying alcohol, lotion, oil and steroid creams on the bite. The affected skin may be cleaned using an antiseptic soap and lukewarm water. Some people use a cold compress to relieve the swelling of the bites. But if these natural home remedies do not work for you, you can try using creams and ointments which can be bought without prescription in pharmacies. There are available anesthetic creams and calamine lotion to relieve the itchiness.  Swelling can also be relieved through the use of mild steroid creams.