Old School Technology That Works: The Rainbow Vacuum

Customers are not fond of old technology since in this era where an innovation matter, old means out. People always tend to find what is new or what is seasonal. Sometimes, it is a question of physical aspect and not competence. But technology does not work that way. In addition, technology should not always dictate the way of living because new does not mean efficient nor needs. It would always be a matter of time to shift from one technology to another but the efficiency of the product would be still the same.

Cleaning equipment, in an instance, could be innovated but its work capacity is still the same. That kind of innovation that can only be seen physically but not in the performance could be not beneficial to consumers.

Vacuum of All Times

One example of old cleaning equipment that could be par with today’s is the rainbow vacuum. As long as the equipment or the technology serves its purpose, it would still be beneficial. People do not need to spend other thousands of dollar for new technology with the same result. The kind of mentality that people should always have the upgrades results to none and rather impractical. The first edition of rainbow vacuum, like all other inventions in the old school, can still make it through our kind of living and tested in longevity for some still works even though they are already 30 years in service. Moreover, it is not prerequisite to live in this era to have all the new stuff or to have the latest equipment. Technology, in the end, is the response of people to have a life that is easier and better. No matter the state of the technology; as long as it is efficient, as long it works, as long that it serves, as long as it is beneficial it could still be the better.