It’s Still A Sensation: Kayla’s BBG Program

When you’re pregnant, your whole body chemistry changes. You’ll eat more and have cravings for the craziest food because you’re not only feeding yourself but also your baby. The natural consequence of that, however, is significant weight gain and learning habits you never had before getting a baby. The BBG Program is indeed a sensation when it comes to helping women get rid of their postnatal weight gain or “post-baby fat” after going through pregnancy. The BBG is something you can depend on when it comes to personalizing your workout so that it can perfectly suit your unique habits, athletic capabilities (or lack thereof) and personality. That’s what the BBG Program brings to the table essentially. It’s like having a personal trainer without the trainer or the excessive expensiveness of one.

How Popular Is The Kayla Itsines Bikini Guide?

  • The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is extremely popular among women, especially housewives and mothers who have been pregnant and are struggling with post-baby weight gain. She’s a personal trainer that has worked with all types of women—from teenagers to working girls, mothers to grandmothers—that have their own respective fitness levels and ages. She knows how to choose exercises for the right fitness level and age.
  • She is, after all, a personal trainer. In her profession, she’s able to customize and personalize every workout in accordance to the needs of a given individual, producing amazing results you’re seeing every day in the Marvel movies (where Scarlett Johansson became fit enough to be a believable Russian spy known as Black Widow and where “dad bod” Chris Pratt became a super hunk after extensive workout).
  • She approaches the problem of weight loss with the effectiveness of a fitness trainer (since she is one). Instead of talking to the women face-to-face and dealing with their workouts on an individual basis, she now instead provides multiple-choice or categorized workouts that can fill in different types of women. They simply need to adjust from beginner workouts then work their way up to more advanced ones as their body acclimatizes to the program.