Classic Malaysian Trip: Bus From Johor To Tioman Via Mersing

If you are visiting Malaysia, it won’t be complete without going to the famous beautiful island of Tioman. So if you plan to visit this country, make sure you were able to explore all the beautiful places including the island. Tioman Island is actually popular among honeymooners. Well, honeymooners really love to spend time near nature not just to see the beautiful but also to be able to spend time with their partner in an intimate manner. Beach and its surrounding will surely give a peaceful, quiet and relaxing environment for the newlyweds. However, going to Tioman island requires every tourists and traveller to ride a ferry before you can set your eyes on it.

Visiting the beautiful country of Malaysia will require tourists to travel through bus and ferry before reaching the famous Tioman Island. And this is what they considered as the classical Malaysian trip. So if you are about to visit Malaysia, don’t forget the Tioman Island since this is where you can find peace and comfort. Yes, the trip may take few hours before you can reach the island. But without bus trip, you can never feel the classic Malaysian visit.

Tioman Island: End Place Of Classic Malaysian Trip

The only point of origin for every tourists and traveller before they can lay their eyes on the beautiful island of Tioman is Johor bahru. However, there is no bus from Johor to Tioman. To those who are not aware, Johor is where you can find the popular Legoland Malaysia. Basically, the ferry station is where you can take a ferry going to Tioman is located in Mersing. And the buses you can see are from Johor Bahru. So if you are looking for a bus from Johor to Tioman, well sorry to disappoint you but the buses are until Mersing only. So from Johor, you will take a bus going to Mersing. The travel time is around 2 hours. So if you want to experience the classic Malaysian trip, take a bus going to the Tioman Island.